Manesse Codex Artwork

by Lady Ydeneya de Baillencourt

The Codex Manesse, Manesse Codex, or Große Heidelberger Liederhandschrift is an illuminated manuscript in codex form copied and illustrated between ca. 1304 when the main part was completed, and ca 1340 with the addenda; the codex was produced in Zurich at the request of the Manesse family of Zürich. A codex (Latin for block of wood, book; plural codices) is a book in the format used for modern books, with separate pages normally bound together and given a cover. It was a Roman invention that replaced the scroll, which was the first form of book in all European cultures.

This piece is the first for a chronicle of our new shire, and depicts our sea dragon emblem Norek and the fabled knight Sir Egroeg who tamed him.

I have used elements from the original codex page which is pictured above, and adapted the rest with my own drawings to suit.

Materials I have used are: Parch tone paper, rather than actual parchment and the cost is more approriate for completing many pages, Guache, which is a close relative of the original ground colours that would have been used during the time in which the original was completed, 3B pencil, to sktech the piece prior to painting, and various archival inks to reproduce the aged effect on the paper and metallics in the picture. The picture was hand painted using a size 0 Taklon fine liner brush so that the fine details could be captured in the piece.


Manesse Codex Style ArtworkLady Ydeneye’s Codex style painting