Honorable Lady Ydeneya de Baillencourt


I was born in the middle of the 16h century in France, near the Abbey of Messines.
My father, being the youngest son of a noble family, had little fortune and so became a merchant. On one of his many trips to England he met a young Yorkshire lass named Ydeneye Wills, whom he fell in love with and married. He brought her back to live in Messines.
I was born a goodly time later and my father named me for my mother who unfortunately did not survive long after my birth. Sadly when I was still quite young my father also died whilst on one of his trading expeditions, and I was sent by my aunt Jeanne, who was the abbess of Messines, to live with her cousin Guido in Florence Italy.
My cousin was quite a wealthy man, although his character may not be quite reputable, but I have had the fortune to be introduced into the Doges court and enjoy all the quality of life therein.
I am fortunate that my dear father and uncle have left me quite prosperous, with villas in both Venice and Florence, so I spend my time where I wish, and with little inducements to marry, I run my own household, however I do favour to spend some of my time with a gentleman of good character and suitable rank, Lord Hadrian de Listrille.



  • Society name, Ydeneya de Baillencourt submitted October 2008, registered with the Lochac College of Heralds May 2010
  • Device submitted 2008, registered with the Lochac College of Heralds October 2011

Purpure, a unicorn couchant and on a chief argent,
five mascles vert.

In the Kingdom of Lochac

  • Cockatrice, January 2017
  • Prometheus, January 2016
  • Sliver Pegasus, September 2015
  • Star and Lily, May 2014
  • Royal Cypher, July 2011
  • Golden Tear, June 2011
  • Award of Arms, July 2008

In the Barony of Aneala

  • Baroness Favour, September 2011
  • Order of the Demi-Sun, September 2010
  • Golden Swans of Aneala, July 2009



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