• The Realm of Venus
    Fashion and style in reanaissance Italy, with a focus on sixteenth century Venice. A beautiful site with a wealth of information.
  • Italian Renaissance Costuming Challenge
    The challenge: to create a complete man’s, woman’s or child’s late Italian Renaissance outfit based on the period 1480 – 1610 from the skin out, including an accessory, in four months. (Lady Ydeneya was one of the finalists)
  • Extreme Costuming
    Extremely inspiring costume and embroidery reproductions.
  • Milesent’s Persian Research Page
    An excellent overview of Persian women’s clothing and accessories, including simple patterns.
  • Jessamyn’s Closet
    Costume in Medieval and Renaissance Spain and Portugal.
  • Custom Corset Pattern Generator
    This actually works! Simply enter your measurements and it will generate an Elizabethan corset pattern specifically for you.
  • Constructing a 16th century Flemish Outfit
    A practical article on how to make an ensemble which looks, feels, and moves like those worn by 16th C Flemish marketwomen, servants and kitchenworkers.


  • Fabrics Store
    Good quality linen of various thicknesses and large choice of colours. Suggest that you subscribe to the Chronicle – for emails about specials, various craft projects and costume information.
  • Golden Gryphon
    From NSW, Golden Gryphon sells hand-spun and dyed wool and silk embroidery threads, knitting wool/alpaca, tablet weaving cards, drop spindles, bookplates, garb, accessories, T shirts, vellum, cards, original artwork and lots more.


  • Gode Cookery
    Comprehensive collection of medieval recipes and information.




  • Cunan
    The largest SCA-related wiki in the world.
  • Lochac Roll of Arms
    Images and blazons for all of the registered devices in Lochac. A great place to find inspiration for your personal device.
  • Canon Lore
    The database of awards for the Kingdom of Lochac. There’s also a simple fill in form recommend someone for an award.
  • An Unofficial Glossary of Terms As Used in the SCA 
    This is meant for newcomers, but it is a really useful reference for most SCA terminology