Hat Pins

by Lady Ydeneya de Baillencourt


As far back as antiquity pins were used to help secure veils, wimples and hats in place. These probably started out as simple pins or pieces of wire but over time beacme more decorative.

Hat Pins

A pin dating from the Merovingian, first half of the 6th century


Hat Pins

A tudor dress pin


I bought some beautiful hand made beads from Mistress Rhiannon and wanted to make a special piece that really showed the bead to its best advantage.


On a 5″ plain gold hat pin I threaded:

  • a small stardust bead
  • bead cap
  • hand made bead
  • bead cap
  • plain gold bead
  • spacer
  • stardust ball
  • filigree tube


The tube was fastened in place using a strong glue.
Hat Pins


I am very happy with how the pin turned out however if I make another all the pieces with be secured with glue to make it more stable.